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  • Brand : Asics
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While the original briefing only focussed on the post-production, our spark with 180 agency led to a complete Ambassadors production. We had a lot of fun seeing this project through to the end together with 180. We shot two separate short films with known tennis stars, which can be very hectic on set with such tight timeframes.

“Like no other, director Marco Grandia knows how to work with star athletes who have limited time on set”, explains Paul Sluimers, Producer. “In this particular case we were shooting two films with two athletes on one day. A tight schedule as is, especially because we were working with Special Effects on set.”

But both athletes were rockstars in their efforts to get the perfect take. “Goffin just kept jumping again and again, landing fully stretched on a big mat. The other athlete – to be disclosed in time (!) – approached everything with such enthusiasm, it kept the spirits of the crew at an all time high. We then added additional dynamics to the high speed Phantom images and a heat distortion effect coming from Goffin’s shoes. Not always the easiest of effects to direct, especially because of the slow motion, but the results are exactly what the films needed” recalls Sluimers.

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