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For the second instalment of the ASN Bank campaign ‘Money can create happiness’ we follow another inhabitant of the fable forest, namely the ‘Eendagsvlieg’. The film takes a strong look at the future, because everything we do today influences the day of tomorrow, the world of the next generation.

“A lot of people prefer to not think about the consequences of climate change. That denial is personified in the ‘Eendagsvlieg’”, explains Diederick Hillenius Creative Director of Selmore agency.

The Day Fly is a guest at Peacock’s table, lively discussing the importance of climate change for all the tomorrows to come. It is a topic that had never crossed the Day Fly’s mind. “He is very focussed on living today and not missing any second of that day. On every paw he wears a watch just to be sure” explains Vincent Lammers, Head of Design & Animation and Director.

“The critical journalist Pauw questions him” explains Hillenius. “He explains that the weather forecast of tomorrow is very important for the next generation, so it is also important for the children of the ‘Eendagsvlieg’.”

The unique characters carry the very tactile look and feel of the film. “The ‘Eendagsvlieg’ has a soft felt fur with shiny, oily wings and bounces wildly up and down. Very afraid to miss any second. The Pauw wants to imply utter intelligence, so has a more serious canvas fabric with a grey scarf. But when his intelligence gets the best of him, he beams with pride and can not contain his flamboyant character and colourful feathers. Which embarrasses him greatly” explains Lammers.

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A nightly setting

This film has a nightly setting, but keeps the hopeful spirit. Which is emphasised through the music, explains Sebastiaan Roestenburg, Founding Partner and Composer. “The music keeps the recognisable sounds from the first film, but the middle part of the track has a softer and lighter feel to it. These gentle piano tones are a counterpart to the strong cello tones, to accentuate a more hopeful future for the fable forest.”

Ladybirds and fireflies

A strong eye for detail can be found in every shot, as the film is covered in ladybirds and fireflies. “For the sound design we wanted to highlight these details even more, for example the watches of the ‘Eendagsvlieg’” recalls Rens Pluym, Founding Partner and Head of Sound Design. “These accessories have a soft and slightly hollow sound when they rattle around. A sound we created with an Balinese percussion instrument. The opening of the feathers of the Pauw are sounds based on paper rustle, so it would keep the tactile feeling of the film.”

Definitely don’t miss the ‘Eendagsvlieg’ in the final scene.