• Experiential

Adnight is an annual event where creative agencies in Amsterdam open their doors to the public. Since 2016, Ambassadors has joined in to welcome young talent and professionals to our House of Craft, where our teams across expertise put on all kinds of presentations or experiences. For the 2019 edition, the Lab wanted to create a fun interactive experience to encourage the visitors to easily connect with each other, without any of the unnecessary stress and awkwardness that can sometimes entail.

The Lab created Can-We-Talk, a fun and modern re-imagination of the old-school tin can telephone. In this interactive experience, people could talk to each other through tin cans in an unconventional way. We used our expertise in sound recognition and 3D printing tools to create a technology solution and experience all-in-one. Each Can-We-Talk tin passed your voice through speech recognition and natural language processing technology to translate what you say into text. The tin then sent the message over WiFi to the other tin for the other side to read. Wanting to explore how machine learning-enabled technology can be used in future client campaigns and products, our creatives at the Lab built this in a few short weeks as a side project.

Can-We-Talk reflects the Lab’s commitment to innovation through research, experimentation and multidisciplinary collaboration. From concept to completion, each person contributed to the project in their own way, whether it be art direction, creative production, app development, programming, modelling, 3D printing, experience design, animation, prototyping, construction and electronics. We may not need to use tin cans to talk these days (or ever), but with a line out the door to try it and a few new friendships forged, we were happy with this little experiment in social icebreakers.