Cube Compose

  • Experiential
  • Brand : Cube

A lot of creative production studios are tasked with helping clients adapt and scale content across markets. Which got us thinking. What if there’s an easier, faster, cheaper way to automate repetitive production tasks? To help make dynamic, localised content come to life? A clever tool that, well, cut us out of the picture?

So we built Cube Compose: an intuitive cloud-based video templating platform that helps roll out creative campaigns to multiple regions. With a step-by-step interface, our clients can easily generate videos that are always in line with their brand guidelines and campaign creative. It’s possible to adapt TV ads and social videos for multiple markets, regions and channels and create customized content that speaks to each of your audiences.

Cube Compose is now being used by leading brands including Booking.com, Uber, and creative agencies looking for new ways to share their dynamic creative.