De Jongeluis

  • Creative Production
  • Design & Animation
  • Music
  • Sound Design

Joining its friend The Databeessie, The Jongeluis is the latest 2D animated character to join the ASN Bank storybook.

Jongeluis may be a kid, but he's totally up to date and knows how to save money. And like ASN Bank, he also cares about our earth. The Jongeluis' story is focused on sustainable tips and the environment.

We got started at Ambassadors by creating a lot of different character designs and a storyboard. After designing all the illustrations, it was time to bring this little character to life with animation, sound design and music composition.

It’s always fun dreaming up new characters with Selmore to join the The PVC-Horse, Mayfly and Creature of Habit in the magical world of ASN Bank.