Escape the Noise

  • Color
  • Edit
  • Sound Design

To showcase the SS19 Free Hiker in its home environment, Adidas Terrex enlisted the help of two busy entrepreneurs in need of their dose of nature. The overall brief for edit, sound and color was to creatively contrast the urban and outdoor environments that Maya French and Marcel Vigneron call home.

Hectic city noise halts to give way to wind gusts and the crunch of shoes on leaves, while the nature and foley sounds were given extra reverb to blend them together with the music to make it sound as ‘free’ as can be.

With the film shot using a few different cameras such as drones, RED and DSLR, our challenge with color was to align it all together seamless. Creatively, we decided upon a crisp, fresh and slightly earthy look, keeping the greens suppressed to reflect the palette of the Terrex Hiker shoes.

Time to recharge the batteries and #escapethenoise.