Fixing the broken food chain

  • Creative Production
  • Design & Animation

UK start-up Better Origin is on a mission to fix the broken food chain by eliminating food waste and the emissions that come with it. Their key product the Better Origin X1, which looks like a standard shipping container, but is actually an AI-powered, automated insect farm. Created for supermarkets and food production facilities, it recaptures the value of food waste by converting it into insect protein.

Better Origin came to Ambassadors looking to produce a B2B campaign film that explains how these insect farms work. This was a big step in presenting the young start-up brand to the wider world, and it was also an opportunity for Ambassadors to act as a direct creative partner for a small brand doing good: from initial creative concept through to script, design and animation. Also, the sound design, voice-over, and music production was done with our in-house partner Amp Amsterdam // The Sonic Branding Company.

The challenge for this project was not just explaining how their solution works, but also placing that within a broader global context of why it’s crucial to reduce and reuse food waste. The end result? A friendly, approachable and clear story about following and adapting to nature’s cycle.