Tie The Knot

  • Color
  • Visual Effects & 3D

This collaboration with Lernert and Sander for Hermès is all about tying knots: curly, silk, and the big one.

The minimalistic setting makes the rich colours pop to shift focus to the detail of the ties. Straightforward as it may appear, the color grade is always tailor-made. This film is no exception. It is said that the Inuits have 78 words for ‘snow’: and so it is for Lernert and Sander with white.

To set the perfect tone we explored all shades of white, from ‘immaculate’ to ‘mint’ and ‘pristine’. An interesting detail; at the start, each of the characters is given their own unique shade of backdrop. Over the film, this is gradually and skilfully blended together towards the end's big reveal.

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