Husky Frida

  • Visual Effects & 3D

“Don't wait for luck to happen” is the key message of this year’s annual New Year’s Eve campaign from the Dutch State Lottery. After dog Frekkel, hedgehog Freddie, kitten Frummel and cuckoo clock Fritsie, the stars of this year’s campaign are a father and his son and their trip of a lifetime.

Created by TBWA\Neboko and produced by Pink Rabbit, we follow the heart warming story of a son who doesn’t sit around for luck to happen. Instead he takes his father on a dream trip from the past: back to winter wonderland Lapland. The film starts with him visiting his father in a retirement home to tell him that they’ll go on an epic final trip together because he won the lottery. We watch them trek through the snowy landscape in Lapland together with husky Frida and enjoy each other's company. Once back in the Netherlands, it turns out that the son 'still has to win the New Year's Eve draw'.

With the help of Ambassadors’ VFX team, the commercial was fine-tuned with some special extras. So the northern lights were brought into the sky and the end scene was fine-tuned with snow, some warm lights and the firework in the background.

The commercial can be seen on all Dutch TV channels and will run on social media, online, radio, out-of-home, and retail channels where New Year’s Eve lottery tickets are sold between December 10 and 31.