Greener Grass

  • Creative Production
  • Color
  • Design & Animation
  • Edit
  • Music
  • Sound Design
  • Visual Effects & 3D
  • Brand : ING

In this spot, ING recognises the people who dream of owning a home, but often don’t take the step of seeking mortgage advice to get there. It was up to us to package this message into a captivating, enjoyable and well-crafted viewing experience.

Producing the visual composition of miniature sets, a family complete with dog and the background skies was a puzzle that involved several shoots and a lot of stitching. Especially, considering it was edited to look as if all one take with a gust of wind (or rather, leaf blower) the only indication of the dream homes ‘changing scene’ in the background.

The result? A fun, craft-central creative production we were proud to pull off in three weeks.