Groener Gras

  • Creative Production
  • Color
  • Design & Animation
  • Edit
  • Music
  • Sound Design
  • Visual Effects & 3D
  • Brand : ING

In this campaign, our studio designed the visual concept, style and music from scratch, to give each environment and home a unique, warm and homely feeling.

Producing the visual composition of miniature sets, a live family with dog and the background skies was a puzzle that involved several shoots. The right workflow came down to immaculate visual effects pre-programming of light, an animatic and an on-point schedule to meet the four-week deadline.

Each scene in the spot has its own weather, distinct lighting and sound design. The movement between the sets is accentuated by a sweep of wind and the sliding-door motion of the homes and sky. These last two shift on a slightly different pace of each other to keep the artistic miniature set feeling. Despite a fast turnaround and big ask, this didn’t stop us from having fun with details and including a few little Easter eggs. Did you spot the falling plant? Or the gnome?