New Year's Eve Lottery Freddie

  • Color
  • Design & Animation
  • Music
  • Sound Design
  • Visual Effects & 3D

Staatsloterij, the biggest lottery in the Netherlands, is known for its epic New Year’s Eve jackpots and heartwarming TVCs starring special animals like Frekkel.

While 30 million in the bank might just create enough happiness in itself, this campaign focuses on the surprising joy that comes from helping one another. Especially when it’s finding out that Freddie, the rescued hedgehog, has been cuddling up to a winning ticket.

There was a lot at stake with crafting our CG hedgehog, especially after the internet’s reaction to the last time it was done. But with a dedicated VFX and 3D team working on this alongside animators and the whole team for the final polish, we’re happy with the lifelike joy that Freddie brings to the screen. With #Freddie trending too, we think we're not the only ones smitten.