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Salone del Mobile in Milan is the world’s biggest design and furnishing fair showcasing innovative work and ideas. In 2017, the fully immersive installation RESET was featured as part of a ‘Workspace 3.0 - a Joyful Sense at Work’ exhibition curated by Cristina Cutrona.

Based on the learnings from neurological research of neuroscientist Dr. Teresa de Sanctis, the RESET pods were designed to empower people to deal with stress more effectively through creating physically, socially and psychologically healthy spaces.

For Salone del Mobile two of the five prototype workspaces were on show - ‘Sound’ for an expressive and interactive experience, with ‘Intimacy’ creating a more meditative atmosphere. The colours, sounds and movement of each pods were determined the user’s heart rhythm and information provided through an EEG monitor (tracing electric signals in the brain) to take them on a personalised and abstract journey, with the data later available on the cloud to help track employee stress levels.

RESET allows people to take a break from everyday pressures to rebalance, refocus and reset.