Reset the Economy

  • Visual Effects & 3D

For Triodos Bank, right now is the time to decide what we want the economy to be like. Because now that everything is changing, we’re discovering what really matters. Dawn shares this call to arms in a new cross-channel campaign produced under lock-down.

Ambassadors’ job was to bring life and movement into powerful still photography. By simulating a time slice effect, we could reflect the shared experience of life on hold and time slowed down.

New technology and techniques enabled us to produce this spot in isolation and within a 48-hour turnaround. Machine learning was used on a number of the photographs to help generate depth, with projections and virtual cameras bringing in subtle motion. Each of the unique shots was then finessed using different techniques such as adding parallax, warping, light effects, Dolly-zoom and subtle animation on clothes and hands.

The result is subtle, dream-like effect that brings together still shots in a cohesive and creative way, during a time where a live shoot wasn't possible.