We Are The Rest of Us

  • Visual Effects & 3D

We Are The Rest of Us shows us a tongue-in-cheek version of how SafeAuto Insurance speaks to the 99%.

In close collaboration with agency Joan and director Nalle Sjöblad, we were briefed to turn a few hundred extras in Uruguay into thousands of rioting people in a US city.

We were on set for a four-day shoot in Montevideo to create the three spots. All of which were set outdoors, which meant we had to play to daylight hours and keep a really tight schedule.

We wanted to show the scale of how much this car insurance uprising had gotten way out of hand by having the crowd fill an entire boulevard. As it's not really possible to get full lockdown of a main street (and there was confusion over whether or not the riot was real) we instead worked with partial roadblocks and shot smaller patches of people.

This meant a lot of cleanup in post-production, where we also layered in a lot of flares for more detail and scale. Other work encompassed general cleanup to making Uruguay feel more like the USA and place CG billboards on buildings.

Post was done between both our New York and Amsterdam studios, with online in New York. This meant we could be ‘on’ during all US working hours, having already had six hours of the Amsterdam team’s hard work behind us.