Awesome is for Everyone

  • Color
  • Design & Animation
  • Edit
  • Visual Effects & 3D

Wieden + Kennedy’s latest campaign for Samsung Galaxy takes the wonderfully absurd and cleverly edited films of the TikTok generation and adds an extra layer of craft.

Each of the nine social films show a teenager making the most of a new and enhanced function of the Samsung device to create awesomeness.

“VFX helps take the campaign films from homemade to high-end, while remaining unexpected, creative and in-your-face. They’re grounded in the world of user generated content, like filters from certain apps, but elevated in both design and execution,” says VFX supervisor Bas Moonen.

“Beyond working on some seamless clean-ups and screen replacements, we had fun animating in some extra spice. From the Dragon Ball Z-style fight scene, to the tiny doodles in the animated crowd, and Monty Python-inspired talking dog.

“Fun fact - the ‘what are you doing’ potato is doing the Italian gesture because it was animated by our Italian animator Ilaria.”