From Amsterdam, From Everywhere

  • Color
  • Visual Effects & 3D
  • Brand : Scotch & Soda

Amsterdam-based fashion brand Scotch & Soda took Dutch fashion to every Amsterdam around the world in their fall/winter 2017 campaign. The film travels around four locations; Amsterdam in the Arctic Ocean, Indonesia, South Africa and in the Indian Ocean. While all locations have their unique characteristics, our VFX and grading team created a continuous story conjoining their diversity.

Every scene is a beautifully shot collection of pristine nature, which has its own set of obstacles. “It was impossible to lay down a dolly track for the camera on the land. So several shots were wobbly and didn’t fit the rest of the footage. I’ve stabilised them to create a constant narrative,” explains Jeroen van Berkel, Lead 2D Artist. “One remarkable object was a little sign in one scene shot in Greenland, which is the only sign in sight for miles. It’s quite striking how they found the one sign out in the wild, which had to be cleaned out to fit the storyline.”

The beautiful nature is even more emphasised in the colour grading with Brian Krijgsman, Colourist. “Paulo Martins, the creative director, and I started our creative journey when he was editing at our office at the Herengracht. The Amsterdam locations in the film couldn’t be more different from each other. In the colour grade they had to feel as if they were part of one and the same film, without losing its distinct character. In other words, the brief was to match the locations yet make them feel different. The majority of the film was shot in Amsterdam, in the Arctic Ocean, over a period of three weeks. I was challenged to emphasise the long journey through the otherworldly planes and harsh terrain. And to keep the image visually poetic without ‘over-doing’ it, to visually embrace the fact that Amsterdam is where you want it to be.”

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