Times are Changing

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  • Design & Animation
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  • Music
  • Sound Design
  • Visual Effects & 3D
  • Brand : Unox

Times are changing, and so too are our eating habits. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up stamppot...

In answer to the growing number of flexitarian and vegetarians in the Netherlands, Unox has released a new vegetarian range of smoked sausages. Our job was to work with TBWA\NEBOKO on a nationwide campaign launch showing how meat-free days can work (even in a third-generation family of butchers).

In this sixty-second animated film, a nature-loving butcher’s daughter Anna sees a mother cow nuzzle its calf in the same way her dad does to her. So, together with her trusted sidekick Pip the dog, she devises a clever plan to switch out the sausage. When her dad spots her, he not only goes along with the plan but is pleasantly surprised.

Vincent Lammers, Creative Director & Partner, Ambassadors: “With TBWA’s trust and creative collaboration on the narrative and characters we went wild on creating a whole world, including detailed family history, to tell a rich story with the product at the heart, just not in the end shot.”

With sixty seconds to play with, we were able to really linger on the family moments to show that, while this nature-loving, adventurous little girl and her stern yet open-minded, third-generation butcher Dad may have different ideas, they can meet in the middle to accept each other.”

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