Product Development

  • Experiential

In 2017, entrepreneurs Remco Veenbrik and Mark Oudenhoven of VideowindoW approached us looking for a team with experience in technology innovation and film. They had the idea to create a transparent video screen embedded into glass, which would leverage natural light to turn ordinary glass into a platform for glare control, advertising and art displays. Our brief was to bring VideowindoW to life.

At the Lab, we helped research, design, test, and develop this system to ensure it could dynamically and effectively adapt to each space’s unique light and temperature conditions. This was done by creating an algorithm that changed the colours on the screen based on the light it received and using sun-blocking to show different images.

In October 2019, VideowindoW made a move from the testing stage on Ambassadors' fourth-floor window to one of the gates at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. The company has recently partnered with Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam, and we can’t wait to see where else VideowindoW winds up next.