Cube - Creative Production Platform
Ambassadors is the driving force behind Cube, a production platform supporting brands and agencies with digital asset management and creative automation tools.
Take charge of your media

Take charge of your media

Cube is a cloud-based digital asset management and creative automation platform built for creative production workflows.

Since 2011, agencies and brands have been using the Cube platform daily to handle their video and media content.

Created by a dedicated innovation department at Ambassadors, Cube provides the technology and services that empower organizations and teams to take charge of the technical, operational and creative challenges in today’s complex advertising landscape.

For more info, visit www.cube-cloud.com

One platform to streamline your media production

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
    Digital Asset Management (DAM)

    Keep your project documents, work-in-progress files, final masters and deliverables in a single place in the cloud. Made available to anyone you choose, organized in folders however you want.

  • Video and image templates
    Video and image templates

    We'll work with you to turn your idea into dynamic templates, so your team can generate endless customized, high-quality video and image assets at scale, in a matter of minutes.

  • Creative collaboration
    Creative collaboration

    Bring all your communication together. Invite your key stakeholders to add comments and time-coded annotations right on your time-stamped file.

Cube supports teams and organizations across all stages of the content production workflow. From creation, to collaboration and delivery, all in one place.

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