We are a creative production studio

We are a team of over eighty artists, creatives, composers, directors, designers and producers crafting the finest creative content in advertising, film and art.

Based across three studios in Amsterdam and New York, we thrive working side-by-side and with partners from all over the world. Whether it’s visual effects artists teaming up with music composers, programmers working closely with designers, or our creative team dreaming up a film with CG artists and editors – we'll bring together the resources under one 'roof' to not only get the job done but bring it to the next level.

Our people

  • Oscar Marmelstein
    Oscar Marmelstein Art Director | Editor
  • Paul Sluimers
    Paul Sluimers Business Director
  • Berry van Voorst
    Berry van Voorst Media Manager
  • Laurens Lammers
    Laurens Lammers Sound Intern
  • Rens Pluijm
    Rens Pluijm Head of Sound Design | Founding Partner
  • Dimos Hadjisavvas
    Dimos Hadjisavvas CG Supervisor
  • Coen Spoor
    Coen Spoor Engineering Manager
  • Arjan Vlaanderen
    Arjan Vlaanderen IT Specialist
  • Rachelle Slingerland
    Rachelle Slingerland Designer
  • Diederik Veelo
    Diederik Veelo Head of Innovation | Founding Partner
  • Jurre Bank
    Jurre Bank Finance & HR Assistant
  • Melissa van het Spijker
    Melissa van het Spijker VFX Artist
  • Rink Hof
    Rink Hof 2D Animator
  • Dennis van der Linden
    Dennis van der Linden VFX Artist
  • Iñigo Gonzalez
    Iñigo Gonzalez Developer
  • Stephen Pepper
    Stephen Pepper VFX Supervisor
  • Esmé van Houten
    Esmé van Houten HR Officer
  • Bram Koopmans
    Bram Koopmans Junior Editor
  • Sander Heeroma
    Sander Heeroma Executive Producer
  • Hans van der Steilen
    Hans van der Steilen VFX Artist
  • Maureen van der Hout
    Maureen van der Hout Lead Designer
  • Priya Gowrising
    Priya Gowrising Financial Administration Manager
  • Gayle van Bochove
    Gayle van Bochove Head of Operations
  • Viola Ravinska
    Viola Ravinska Producer
  • Charlotte Vallet
    Charlotte Vallet VFX Artist
  • Steven de Cock
    Steven de Cock Sound Engineer
  • Jeroen Hoolmans
    Jeroen Hoolmans VFX Artist
  • Zoë de Regt
    Zoë de Regt Senior Sound Design & Music Producer
  • Suzanne Smink
    Suzanne Smink UX & Visual Design Intern
  • Cansu Babacan
    Cansu Babacan Innovation Lab Business & Operations Lead
  • Johan Jensen
    Johan Jensen Junior Developer
  • Mandy Kruisselbrink
    Mandy Kruisselbrink Sound Design & Music Producer
  • Puck van Vliet
    Puck van Vliet Senior Product Rendering Specialist
  • Alvin Goh
    Alvin Goh Product Designer & Strategist
  • Daphne Litjens
    Daphne Litjens Head of Production
  • Machiel Banen
    Machiel Banen Developer
  • Katya Meyer
    Katya Meyer Executive Producer
  • Daria Zeliger
    Daria Zeliger US Representation
  • Sjoerd de Greef
    Sjoerd de Greef VFX Artist
  • Bas Moonen
    Bas Moonen VFX Artist
  • Halbo van der Klaauw
    Halbo van der Klaauw Managing Director | Founding Partner
  • Sophie van Kooten
    Sophie van Kooten Project Manager
  • Jade Durbecker
    Jade Durbecker Producer
  • Aleksandra Nalewajek
    Aleksandra Nalewajek Marketing & Communications Intern
  • Sanny Bartlema
    Sanny Bartlema Office & Event Coordinator
  • Alessia Abbamonte
    Alessia Abbamonte Producer
  • Inti Martinez
    Inti Martinez VFX Artist
  • Jurriën Boogert
    Jurriën Boogert Art Director
  • Micha de Graaf
    Micha de Graaf VFX Artist
  • Jeroen van Es
    Jeroen van Es Senior Producer
  • Peter van Rij
    Peter van Rij VFX Artist
  • Ralph Meijer
    Ralph Meijer VFX Artist
  • Jeroen Cloosterman
    Jeroen Cloosterman Asset Supervisor & Lead Artist
  • Jonathan Krijgsman
    Jonathan Krijgsman VFX Artist
  • Nicole Polman
    Nicole Polman Office Manager
  • Asli Zeren
    Asli Zeren Lead Creative | Writer
  • Joep Meijburg
    Joep Meijburg Sound Designer & Composer | Partner
  • Jeroen van Berkel
    Jeroen van Berkel VFX Artist
  • Claudia Diaz Paniagua
    Claudia Diaz Paniagua Junior Compositor
  • Michiel Barnaart
    Michiel Barnaart Developer
  • Steven van Buuren
    Steven van Buuren Senior CG Generalist for Brands
  • Nicole Sachs
    Nicole Sachs Cube Sales Manager
  • Nick Groeneveld
    Nick Groeneveld Art Director
  • Petra Dusseau
    Petra Dusseau Chef de Cuisine
  • Marissa Zandvliet
    Marissa Zandvliet Artist Manager
  • Bo Kops
    Bo Kops Senior Producer
  • Nanda van Dijk
    Nanda van Dijk Animation Director
  • Rio Kierkels
    Rio Kierkels Senior Developer
  • Bennie van Olffen
    Bennie van Olffen Finance & HR Assistant
  • Robin van As
    Robin van As VFX Artist
  • Marco Baay
    Marco Baay Sound Designer | Partner
  • Will Jeffers
    Will Jeffers Head of Visual Effects
  • Sebastiaan Roestenburg
    Sebastiaan Roestenburg Head Of Music Production | Founding Partner
  • Lisa van Boekhout
    Lisa van Boekhout Head of PR & Communications
  • Merel Kramer
    Merel Kramer Gallery Curator
  • Carolina van Vugt
    Carolina van Vugt Producer
  • Xavier Létalon
    Xavier Létalon Developer
  • Gert Jan Verkuil
    Gert Jan Verkuil Receptionist
  • Ed Meijaard
    Ed Meijaard Managing Director | Founding Partner
  • Matt Hare
    Matt Hare Senior Colorist
  • Vasil Stoyanov
    Vasil Stoyanov Developer
  • Ruud Kaag
    Ruud Kaag IT Manager
  • Wessel-Jan van Zijderveld
    Wessel-Jan van Zijderveld Sound Designer & Composer | Partner
  • Sil Bulterman
    Sil Bulterman VFX Artist
  • Jeremy Verf
    Jeremy Verf VFX Artist